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2004 Nokia in Greece
Manager and head developer for the Greek site of Nokia*
Knauf in Greece
Manager and developer for the Greek site of Knauf*
European eBusiness Support Network (eBSN)
A portal site for the eBSN. Has some nice forums too.
Head design and development*
Archetypon SA
The web site for the company I currently work for.
Has a very nice skinning feature.
Head design and development*
2003 e-Citizens
Portal for services that the Ministry of Interior, Public Administration & Decentralisation (YPESDDA) offers.
Has nice colours. Design and development*
Monte Nero Activites
Site for the alternative activities office of my good friend Paul.
The activities involve Nature and lots of walking.
The Circle of the Greek Chindren's Book - The Greek IBBY
Although this is not something special, it is one my favourites.
Too bad I couldn't work on it more. Design and development**
2002 The Hellenic Authors Society
When I had to decide what kind of site I shoud make for the Hellenic Authors Society, I wanted to get away from everything 'book'-ish. They seemed open minded people and with good style.
At the same time I was experimenting with panoramic pictures, when it struck me. The design was rather extraordinary and I never thought they would like it. Not only they did, they didn't ask for even one singe thing to be changed.
To be frank, it was a very heavy site, that took a little bit of time to download, had really complex JavaScripts behind it and it wasn't THAT easy to use (navigation-wise). Perhaps that's why it has changed since.

I still think it is the best thing I have ever done.

View the original version in Greek
View the original version in English
InfOTE, YellowPages, WhitePages
Three for the price of one. These were sites for InfOTE, the Greek Yellow and the Greek White Pages.
Although there have been so many changes to the comps, I really liked the outcome.
Only one of these is still online in the original form, but you can get the idea since they were all built around a central theme, deriving from the established logo of the Yellow pages (printed) directory.
Design and development**
CBG - The Greek Business Channel
I could never believe they would buy an almost totally black site!
It has changed a bit since I did it but the concept is the same. Co-design and development**
The translation web site of my good friend Xanthippi.
2001 MFG
What can you do when the logo of a company you hold very dear is a lightbulb?
You can do what I consider to be my second best work. Note that everything in this site is completely original. Even the background picture which wasn't manipulated at all.
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National Book Center
Site redesign
Frankfurt Buchmesse 2001
Site for the 2001 Frankfurt Buchmesse that was focused on Greek literature.
1998 The Web site of Mrs Aggela Kokkola
This was the Web Site of the then member of the European Parliament, Mrs Aggela Kokkola.
University of Piraeus, DAP site
DAP is a political thing for undergraduates in Universities. This was for one of their sites.
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South-Eastern MEditerranean sea Project (SEMEP).
Research for how the internet and the web can help studens exchange ideas and resources regarding environmental issues. A prototype web site was a by-product of this process (which, in turn, was the outcome of the 1st SEMEP summer school.
The website of Mr Christos Papoutsis
Mr Papoutsis was the then Greek Commissioner in the European Commission.
Sakis Rouvas
He is one of the most popular singers in Greece, that was his first web site.
Never went on the air though.
Belgitude & Grécité
Web site for the Belgian Ministry of Culture, regarding an exhibition that showcased Greek and Belgian literature.
Iolkos Translation Agency
Web site of this translation agency.
1996 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Site redesign. Nothing very special about this, although the graphics were then used by virtually everybody in the public sector (especially the one with the cross).
European Commission, Representation in Greece
It all started as they wanted someone to redesign their site.
I stayed there for three whole years :) Thank you all!
Telestet Greece
Their first site ever***
The first web site of this popular Greek Music TV channel.
Association of Hellenic Internet Users
Various versions of their web site.
* as an employee of Archetupon SA
** as an employee of Gloman SA/01P
*** for Creative Marketing

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